A Love Story

Kaya and Q.  A love story of two rescues who seemed completely unlikely to bond.

The first sight of Kaya brought me to a screeching halt.  One of the kids rescued and brought home a PIT BULL!  And a RED one, no less!  There is no way that dog will ever come into this home, especially after a previous experience we’d had when a neighbor’s pit literally climbed a chain link fence and attacked Stan.  Fortunately, there were only minor physical injuries, but the incident left a deep fear of “those” dogs in my mind.  And, we had all those cats – she’d kill them!

After a day or two of forcing her to stay in an outside kennel (I didn’t know she was terrified of storms), the kids insisted that I at least come and officially “meet” Kaya.  With serious reservations, I agreed.  Oh . . . my . . . gosh.  One look into those sweet, loving, gentle brown eyes was all it took.  She owned me for life.

It turned out that she was also extremely afraid of cats, going so far as to walk against the walls to avoid getting close to them.  Until Q appeared.

Q, a tiny little tortoiseshell kitten with an inch-high corkscrew-shaped tail, showed up at the house and, of course, we took her in.  She immediately decided that her life’s work would be to replace Kaya’s fear of cats with love.  For several months, Q followed Kaya around the house, slowly and quietly easing onto the sofa, snuggling up against Kaya’s tummy, and gradually making her way all the way to Kaya’s neck cave.  Then, this itsy-bitsy girl took over Kaya’s bathing – ears, head, eyes, and even her TEETH!

Thanks to Q’s patience and love, Kaya became the main non-human source of warmth, comfort, and love for all of the cats who lived in the house, just as Q had become hers.  Whenever a new kitty rescue was introduced to the household, he or she ended up with Kaya, as long as Q wasn’t with her.  Q has never tolerated ANY of the cats and most definitely didn’t want them near her Kaya.  Even after Kaya crossed the Rainbow Bridge in August 2013, Q refused to seek solace with kitties.  She tries every now and again to charm the four inside dogs we still have, but they just can’t be bothered.  Kaya and Q were soul mates, and, some day (a long time from now, we hope) they will be reunited in Heaven.