"Good quality food is the first step in getting an emaciated pup healthy again.   

We are thankful to be a part of Louisiana Pet Pantry."

Connie Martin

Foster Coordinator, Terrebonne, LaFourche, St. Mary Coordinator

Giving Rescue Pets a Second Chance...

Louisiana Pet Pantry is dedicated to providing food and resources to pet rescues in and around the Greater Baton Rouge Area.  We are an affiliate of Rescue Bank, The Greater Good national non-profit pet food bank. It is with their large donations of cat and dog food that we can provide high quality food to our local rescues at a fraction of retail cost. 

Through local donations, we can pay for the necessary shipping and handling costs to get this free food for Louisiana rescues.  Please, donate if you can. We are also seeking volunteers, fosters, and adopters for our member rescues. Every little effort helps.


Volunteer for LPP.

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